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Top 50 Geocaching Songs

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Well Dave my top three might be:


1) Too Shy - too ask for help

2) Hang On Now - and the cache will be relaesed

3) Never Ending Story - or should that be Never Ending at Sea Story - (appoligies to JollyJax)


all by Kajchegoogoo, of course. And there's that Pretenders one, how does it go:


Got Cache in pocket

Gota log here, if ya wana use it

Twas archived, but lets get inventive

Why dontcha, ask me, ask me, if that's a Cache in my pocket


... or something like that, it was a big hit in Florida :o

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:o Love that Pretenders song!


Badly Drawn Boy sound as if they have experienced much geocaching, judging by some of their songs:


"Fall in a River", "Cause a Rockslide", "Walking out of Stride", "Above you, Below Me", "I need a Sign", and finally, "It came from the Ground". Sounds like a story we could all tell :ph34r:

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Does poetry count Dave. Since the Wombles drew my attention to Race The Clock I've been plagued by this little number by Emily Dickenson:


A cache went up my mind to-day

That I have had before,

But did not finish,--some way back,

I could not fix the year,


Nor where it went, nor why it came

The second time to me,

Nor definitely what it was,

Have I the art to say.


But somewhere in my soul, I know

I've met the thing before;

It just reminded me--'t was all--

And came my way no more.


With appolgies to the Amherst bard, but to Greatuncle Chippenham let me just say that its theme tune could be the Eurythmics "A Thorn in my Side" and of it, as Kylie would say "Can't get you out of my mind". :ph34r::o:)

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With apology to: Pete Seeger - LITTLE BOXES


Little boxes on the hillside

Little boxes full of ticky-tacky

Little boxes, little boxes,

Little boxes all the same

There's the green one and the pink one

And the blue one and the yellow one

And they're all full of ticky-tacky

And they all look just the same


And the people in the houses

All go to the co-ordinates

And they all look for boxes

Little boxes all the same

And there's doctors, and there’s lawyers

And business executives

And they all look for boxes

And they all look just the same


And they all search on the golf course

And follow there initiative

And they all have pretty children

And the children go to school

And the children go to cito camp

And then to the university

And they all go looking for boxes

And they all come out the same


And the boys go into business,

And marry and raise a family,

An they all go searhing for boxes,

Little boxes all the same,

There's a green one and a pink one,

And a blue one and a yellow one,

And they're all full of ticky-tacky,

And they all look just the same.


B. :ph34r:

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Now is probably a good time to post a link to American humourist Dave Barry's seminal work "The Tupperware Blues" (which actually has a very entertaining story behind it).


Rather oddly though, the song doesn't mention using Tupperware as a container for geocaches - it seems obsessed with some strange idea that it's main purpose in life is for storing food. Personally I don't think that'll catch on. :ph34r:


Edit - learn to spell, idiot child.

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Disused railway caches - 'I Walk the Line' by Johnny Cache :ph34r::o


Walk the line is a song I often sing to myself while caching... It started after doing a cache by a prolific Cheshire Puzzle cache setter... we knew we had most of the coords right, but couldn't get the last number... so we mentally sketched out the line of best fit and "walked the line."


Trouble was ... we spent 2 daysd walking the line - back and forth, back and forth, and we didn't find it til we had a eueka moment!!

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How about:


"You probably couldnt see for the lights but you were staring straight at me" - Artic Monkeys


"How many miles must we march" - Ben Harper


"No Distance left to run" - Blur


"How Will I ever find my way home?" - British Sea Power


"In the forest" - The Coral


"Dont dream its over", and "Now were gettin somewhere", - Crowded House


"Here We Go" - Mr Scruff


Just a few Ive just found whilst avoiding revision! 1st exams tomorrow though so have had to give up (for now!)

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Just heading off to get off a Nelson, so cheering my self up with thoughts of night caching to the chirpy sounds of Robert Smith. Ah, takes you back to heady student days - and what a base line (eat your heart out Jack White). A Forest by The Cure:


Come closer and see

See into the trees

Find the cache

While you can

Come closer and see

See into the dark

Just follow your etrex

Just follow your etrex


I hear a voice

Calling my name

The sound is deep

In the dark

Could be ftf

And start to run

Into the trees

into the trees


Suddenly I stop

But I know it's too late

I'm lost in a forest

All alone

The cache was never there

It's always the same

I'm running towards nothing

Muggled and again and again and again


Must just head up to the attic and dig out Seventeen Seconds on vinyl. :D

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A few suggestions


When caches get trashed or for DNF's - Gone, Gone, Gone by Bad Compnay :blink:


Getting your partner to join you on a hunt or take up the game - Tell her about it by Billy Joel :ph34r:


For those difficult to find caches - One way or another by Blondie, or I still haven't found what I'm looking for by U2 :D


For those who repeatedly DNF or FTF - It's not unusual by Tom Jones :D


For those caches way above your start point - Running up that hill by Kate Bush :o


Racing for a FTF or New Icon - High Hopes by Doris Day B)


Almost muggled - Touch and Go by Emerson, Lake & Powell :D


Addicted to cacheing? - Sneaking out the back door by Matt Bianco, I can't control myself by the troggs :blink:


That glazed look you when you try and tell people about geocaching - Missunderstood by P!nk :D


Group caching when logging at a cache sute - we all stand together by the frog chorus :D

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Here's a few songs that come to mind:



I'm going slightly mad - Queen (What others thing of me when I explain gecaching)


It's going to take some time (to find) - The Carpenters


Sweet little mystery - Wet Wet Wet


Doubleback - ZZ Top


And finally for those moments when caught sneeking about those bushes etc:


Waiting for an alibi - Thin Lizzy


Nowhere to run (nowhere to hide) - From the The Warriors Movie


Eddited for poor spelling!

Edited by Al & Tracy Smith
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No signal? Maybe it's not the trees, maybe it's a Sleeping Satellite (Tasmin Archer)

Difficult puzzle? It's Tricky by Run DMC

Speaks for itself: Dirt by Death in Vagas

PAF? Sgt. Rock (is going to help me) by XTC

Damp cache contents? Bag it up by Geri Halliwell (I think that's what she was singing about!

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How about


Big Log - Robert Plant (celebrate 1000 caches)


Dirt in a hole - Robert Plant


Walking towards Paradise - Robert Plant (FTF)


Another one bites the dust - Queen


Action this day - Queen


Play the Game - Queen


River Deep Mountain High - ? (can't remember) :(

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