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New Idea For Geocaching.com Page


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There's a current discussion about the "Top Gun" of Geocaching.com going on. I was curious if it is possible to create some sort of statistical ranking/honor board for the various top 10s.. Like:

Top Ten people with most caches & #,

"" with most hides

"" TBs with most miles

etc.... Just a thought.



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But take these and any other stats with a grain (or severl grains) of salt.


Some folks have themselves excluded from the list. Others never log their finds online. And let's not forget those that log everything imageinable to swell their numbers.


My point is, IMO, that the stats can be a fun thing to look at, but don't take them as the final word and certainly don't judge yourself by them. They really don't mean much.


Happy caching!

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