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60cs Getting Poopie..

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Nope, From what took like 30sec's is now taking 2mins at least....AHHHhhh.............I'm rolling back.


So I was wondering if anyone else was having a problem locking on sats on the 60cs with the newest firmware??? It seems to take much longer now. Hmm....I hope Its not my unit going dead...That would stink!



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I got tempted (my masochistic trait) to upgdate after reading this thread - I updated to 4.10 (from 3.80) an hour ago and I actually experience the opposite - I get a lock much faster than before (but them maybe that is something that was already improved after 3.80 - I didn't upgrade for quite a while)

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I upgraded from 3.9 and no, performance is the same IMO. Remember that the time it takes is variable depending on many conditions. Primary among them is how long since your last lock. (IE, off and right back on you'll have lock before bootup finishes often.) The constellation, reception, etcetera, all affect time to lock.


Thankfully since the update I can get WAAS D's despite the WAAS sats being in "limbo", which we couldn't here in NE when #35 got too far away. I've been seeing 8' accuracy regularly since (happily).





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I have a question along this topic. I went to use my 60cs today for the first time in a couple of months. Now it was cloudy here today but the screen went to acquiring sattelites and found 3 of them but after sitting for 15 minutes it hadn't done anything. I figured it has to get the akmanac data but I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen.

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