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Packanack Tops 200!

Team Perrito Blanco

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Couple of things--thank you all. I have learned a couple of things through geocaching.


1.There sure are a lot of nice places around here I would have never seen. I hope to concentrate on just nice places . I have never seen a bear in the woods in NJ, so Sparta/ Waywayanda/ West Milford are high on the list. Hey we all should have a goal.


2. I really learned how to swear, couple more BrianSnat infernal #$%^& rock gardens and I will be a real pro. :o


3. Geocachers are a pretty mellow crew for the most part. Even if they do think of reverse threaded guardrail bolts and bison tubes between boulders and fake rocks and logs and all manner of other things.


And lastly WEBA, your husband wants me to deliver a message: GET MOVING :D


Meet me at Bearfort Fire Tower on Sunday, Parking lot 8 about 7AM, that is if it isn't raining.

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BiPR-- I count about 16. The second cache I found was Hawksnest. Most of the 16 were from last summer and a lot of them were found on bicycle. Sarah's Spot remains among my favorites. Riding down the bike path early in the morning, grabbing a cup of coffee at the Pleasant Lake Store, crossing past the cranberry bogs to the hill over the lake. I got a Couple in Boston. My Avatar is a photo taken on the bike path early in the AM in Harwich looking across long pond at the sunrise.

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