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The European EGNOS is fully interoperable with the North American WAAS and supporting GPSr will be able to receive the EGNOS signal.


EGNOS is in test phase at the moment. For a brief description follow the link:


For the broadcast schedule check:



The EGNOS signal is broadcasted from the IOR-E satellite. It is a geostationary one and its position is:

S0 00.000 W15 30.000


The # of the satellite in Garmin receivers is 33 (or I think so ;) )


When enabling WAAS for the first time make sure you have a clear view to the satellite. It may take several minutes to obtain a lock. When corrections for the GPS satellite are obtained, the letter 'D' appears to its signal strength bar (in Garmin receivers).


I don't think it is THAT useful for geocaching, but its there and its free! Give it a try!



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Thanks for the info my friend cyamin!


Although in the past (a year ago) such an activation at my Foretrex 200 turned it mad and I had to send it to the UK for a replacement, this weekend I tried to activate it on my GPSMAP 60CS.The results were amazing !

I had never seen an accuracy of TWO meters!!!

I suggest all the friends in geocaching here in Greece enable this function so that we can have more accurate readings !




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