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Paperless Geocaching Without Using A Pda

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I'm still new at this, but the method of bringing printouts of cache pages just seems really wasteful in terms of paper and printer ink.


I'm going to try using my mp3 player to display cache pages. I have an iRiver 20 gig that can store and display text files on its color screen. I figure it's good enough to display the coordinates, waypoint ID, cache name, and any hints/info that I deem necessary. It can store and display pictures too so I could probably get maps in there if I wanted to.


The downside is, I have to cut/paste all that information into a .txt file.


So it's not going to be equal to using a PDA. Not even close. The question is, "is this method better than carrying the paper copies?"


Has anyone tried anything remotely like this?

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It depends on what you mean by better.


If better is no paper waste. Yes. Cut and paste the caches you will do for the day and it's not going to take that much time.


If you want all caches in your area in case you happen to be in a spot with some time...it's still not going to waste papper but it's going to take you forever to cut and paste.


I think there are a few people that use their iPods for the same thing.

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I saw a post by one cacher here recently that was planning on using his PSP, since the PSP will display HTML code natively. A PSP or MP3 player would work, but you'd be missing out on a lot of functionality, like being able to log in the field, or sorting for nearest caches. Given the terrain in my area I wouldn't take a PSP in the field with me. Palms are just too cheap to risk more expensive equipment.

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I briefly thought about using my H320 in this manner. I decided to use my PDA, instead. The best difference is that using software on a PDA, you can go from one cache to the next nearest easily. You can also use software that allows you to build a database of your experiences.


I leave my H320 for enjoying music and movies.

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I've worked on a program for my TI 83+ graphing calculator that would allow it to display data. I got the calculator end great - it displays all the information except for the description and even decrypts hints. I haven't found a way to get that data to the calculator other than hand-typing it in, though.

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I have a Garmin Vista Cx and figured out a way to have the container type and the decoded hint dropped onto it along with all of the other data so when I am going to a cache I can see the cache type and the first 30 or so letters of the hint. It usually is enough. I am not sure if I am allowed to say that I use the GSAK program and it is through the transfer data to the unit screen that I get that info to go along <_< If I am not allowed to say that I use GSAK then just don't read that part of the post <_<


Gotta go


Ron Gerth

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