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Geocoin Club Icon Change?

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I have just activated my April 2006 coin from Geocoin Club and the Icon has changed?


They used to be called CC Geocoin with a GCC icon in red, white and blue.

Now all you get is the standard gold coin with the C in the middle and they are now called Geocoin Club Coins.


Anyone out there know what's happening?


And yes before you all bite my head off, I have searched all over the forums to see if this has been answered before. :P:(

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I have my April coin sitting here at my desk cause I haven't had a chance to activate it yet, but my guess is that the icon hasn't changed and just the generic is showing up for now. I am sure that it will be fixed soon and will be under the same CC icon <_<


Or who knows maybe a stained glass icon :mad:

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There will be a new icon each month going forward for the Geocoin Club. April is the first moth we've done a new icon, but we will do so going forward. Because it's a new "thing" - I forgot to email the April icon <_< It should be installed shortly.

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