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So I Just Had The Greatest Idea...

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Tell me what you think.

In a couple of days, I'm going to do pick up a half dozen ammo boxes from Army Navy Surplus. I'm going to replace a Tupperware I have with one, and then place one or two caches with a FTF prize.

An ammo box.

Hopefully this will inspire some more caches in my area.

I think this is a wonderful idea especially since ammo boxes are waterproof. I have found several caches that were in tupperware and they were very damp. So if you can more power to ya

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Markwell, you are too late - the majority of caches hidden these day suck as far as location placement.



Okay, so that leads me to ask: What -- in your opionions -- is a "good" vs. a "bad" cache placement? If it follows the guidelines, what is bad?


I think it's a pretty amazing, generous, and time-consuming gift he's given there. I'd be grateful and enthusiastic to receive one at a geomeet, and we have several good placements out there.


I think it's all in the spirit of geocaching.

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