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Opening Up A 60cs

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I dropped my 60cs some time ago, and since then, a little condensation leaks again when I use it in the rain.


I don't mind that so much (and I could fix it from outside with some silicone) but on one occasion, the water pushed some crud across the display, and where it stopped, I now have some ugly grains of dirt right on the LCD screen.


So, I'd like to open it up and clean things out.


I've got as far as identifying eight screws - six long ones holding the cover and two small ones holding the rubber covers of the USB/antenna/power ports. But when I remove them, the back cover doesn't want to come loose. It looks as if the gasket between the two halves of the shell is also the same piece as the rubber cover of the antenna and power button, and the back cover seems to be firmly clipped (or otherwise fixed) into this top rubber cover.


Is there something else I need to remove/unscrew ? The problem is not so bad that I'm prepared to risk tearing the rubber cover...




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I'd contact Garmin Tech Support.

I would be surprised if they didn't fix it or replace it free of charge


Well, I bought it on the grey market in Portugal, I live in France, the local Garmin importer is Mr. Picky & Co, it's out of warranty, I dropped it, and most importantly, I don't want to be without it for the time it would take to fix it. :laughing:

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If you ever did have an internal issue that you wanted to use the warrenty on and Garmin says you could get a warrenty return on it, having opened the case will void your warrenty. Just thought I'd warn you, however Garmin has some good customer service so they may repair it anyway :P

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