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Coin Donations Needed

Eric K

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Here is a mail that I recieved from the family:

(address information removed for privacy)


The Banfield Family


xxxxxxx, TX 76049


September 15, 2006


USA GeoCoins

Eric Kirkland

921 Jean Ave

Akron OH 44310


Dear Eric,


Please accept our sincere thanks for the support you and the caching community has shown our family.


We appreciate the donations we received, however we are no longer accepting donations. Please send whatever donations you currently have to a charity of your choice.


Once again, thank you for your hard work and support, we are very grateful!





The Banfield Family



I will honor the request of the family.


The remaining coins that have not been listed will be returned. Please allow me a few weeks to get this done.


Any funds that have not been sent will be donated to a charitable organization.


A few things to remember.


1. This project was never done at the request of the family.

2. I still would like anyone who has donated coins to contact me at erick at webservicesplus dot com with your mailing address. If you know of any people on the list that do not check the forums please let them know.

3. The fact that a group of people that do not know each other can do something positve has been a very touching and enlightning experience for me personally and will be something that I will never forget.

4. I am only granting the wishes of the family as posted in the letter they sent me. Please do not ask me any personal questions.


Thank you all for letting me know that there are alot of good people in the world that like to do positive things.


USA Geocoins will continue to donate portions of our sales to various charitable organizations.


Thank you,

Eric K

USA Geocoins

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