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Exciting Afternoon In Orillia


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Read it in todays online Orillia Packet-Times.






Reminds me of those ammo cans I found this weekend that still had ammunition markings on them. I hope the owner of that cache in Tudhope park knows about this, so they can disable their listing until the cache is replaced.


Still, I do find it interesting the number of people that are willing to pick up and transport items that they believe are bombs. I tend to have the opposite reaction, I would try to maximize the distance between myself and the package....

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You never think in advance how something as simple as a camo tape covered ABS plumbing pipe can cause such an uproar but then something like this happens. I can only assume that the container was found after the most recent visit logged yesterday and that the cache container was not properly replaced or someone was curious as to why the cacher was lurking arround the shoreline??? Why would anyone want to bomb a tree? :laughing: Anyways, I will go to the OPP station to see if they would like to return my cache and I will replace it if I can.


I guess it would be nice to get a little good press like how this cache has brought 50 people to the park that otherwise may not have come there...


Any suggestions on how we can make this into a positive?



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Hey KSAcat and everyone,


I heard about this on the AM A-channel news this morning and immediately had a call into the Peter Street detatchment of the OPP.


I have already left a voicemessage for Constable Dwyer of their media relations department apologizing for the difficulties and to contact me back directly to discuss the situation.


From what I can see through the media reports, it appears as if in the end, they are satisfied that nothing came of the event and that there will not be criminal charges laid.


I am awaiting word back from PC Dwyer and will update those involved with any information I get.


KSACat, when you go to the detachment, I would suggest being forthcoming with them. They are more than aware of our sport now. If you would like I will be more than willing to come along with you when you go.

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There should be no problem trying to explain to the OPP what Geocaching is based on a quote from another Orillia area cache GCJBMR which reads:


You may be approached by OPP Security Officers as you search for this cache. If so, just identify yourself as a geocacher and show them your GPS. They are aware of the cache and should allow you to continue. If they want to see the cache, please show it to them as they are just doing their job of keeping the area secure. Who knows.....you may even make a new friend!


This demonstrates that we cachers are not trying to operate in an underground type fashion and have always strived to be upfront and forthcoming (to quote swifty). I wonder if the cache owners original contact within the OPP is still around? Wouldn't hurt to have his/her name in advance for any discussions with PC Dwyer or others.


Good Luck, Olar

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Definitely being forthcoming and honest is the best idea. Things like this happen with other activities too.


The OPP are just responding to a local concern, and since you probably labelled the cache well, things will probably go well.


Good job Swifteroo for making the call to the authorities to help explain it.


Good luck KSAcat


:laughing: The Blue Quasar

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I had a very good chat with Constable Maeers from the Peter Street detachment where the whole situation went down.


Thankfully, PC Maeers was understanding of our activity and is aware that Geocaching is a family-friendly activity. He also indicated that he was aware of what the cache was when it was dropped off but that standard protocol had to be followed.


In the end, it seems as if the situation was handled without incident, and that there were no "Hard Feelings" one way or the other.


It will be interesting to see the media take hold of this one. I am aware that the "Orillia Packet and Times" was very factual about their account of the incident. I am less convinced that Achannel will not try to put some sort of negative spin on the entire situation as they have historically done.


Thanks KSAcat for taking hold of the situation. I understand that you were able to speak with PC Maeers as well and were able to act as an advocate for Geocaching.

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I spoke with A-Channel and their very short piece got stuffed into the "arround the region" segment with another reference to "buried treasure". When will they get it right? The Orillia Today newspaper seemed much more interested and seemed to want to put a positive spin on the story. We may get some good mileage from that interview if they run it.


Both media outlets were invited verbally by me to attend the COG Spring Fling this w/e. Maybe a couple of e-mails to the A-Channel might get thier interest piqued enough to send out someone like Casey Colby to do a human interest story for the w/e news?


The Orillia Packet and Times ran a brief story this evening that was factual but had no clear referenc to Geocaching. I doubt they would attend the Fling.


The cache should be active again shortly... I can't decide whether or not to keep it in the Camo Can.


:) KSAcat

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From the Orillia Packet - May 8/06

Orillia, Ontario


The cache involved - COG Series #3: Levis-Pedis Secutus


Cyber hunt ends at Orillia police station


Orillia OPP fell prey to booty found in a web-based treasure hunt when a suspicious package turned up at the detachment’s doorstep yesterday afternoon.


The package, found at Tudhope Park by two concerned citizens, prompted police to evacuate and cordon off the area as a precaution around 12:45 p.m.


“When you’re hit with these types of circumstances, you sure want to err on the side of safety,” said detachment commander Insp. Jim Szarka.


“It’s better not to assume anything.”


Investigations later revealed the package wasn’t explosive but part of an activity involving global positioning system (GPS) coordinates to pinpoint hidden booty.


Two officers in the Peter Street South detachment left the building as explosive disposal experts examined the cylindrical package, police said.


Orillia firefighters and ambulance crews stood by while officers cordoned off the block from Colborne to Elgin streets.


The man and a woman who brought the package to the detachment’s front door aren’t under investigation and no criminal charges will be laid as a result of the incident, police said.


The blocked off section of Peter Street was reopened around 4:30 p.m.


In geocaching, treasure hunters use GPS coordinates to find trinkets from clues found on websites.


When cyber-adventurers make discoveries, they typically write comments about their visit in a logbook accompanying the treasure.


Geocaching etiquette says participants who find objects or people who stumble upon them by chance shouldn’t remove them.


But for officers involved in yesterday’s incident, removing the treasure was more of an issue of safety than politeness.


Those who come across a suspicious object should call the police and leave it where it is, Const. Mark Maeers told The Packet & Times.


“Call us to the scene and we’ll deal with it there.”


However, yesterday’s scare ended innocuously, Maeers noted.


“Everything went very well...and had what I would consider a successful conclusion.”

Edited by Mr Marv
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I hate talking to the media any more as they always seem to take things out of context. Not all , but most that I have dealt with in my line of work... coast guard have turned things around soo bad, that we only let the Captain talk now....everyone else just gives them the cold shoulder. Things up there seem to be working out for the good.....excellent. :laughing:

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I head about this issue on the morning radio yesterday, Barrie station Rock95 www.rock95.com. They're tied to Achannel I believe, and sure enough the guy metions the inaccurate "buried treasure" comment a couple times. He didn't actually use the term "GeoCaching" in his report so, I could only assume it was one of ours, that is until I read this thread.


Last year they reported about a cemetary being dug up by "hi tech scavenger hunters" somewhere in Oro, North along Lake Simcoe.. I don't think that station likes us very much.

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This happened to an X-TREME GPS Team cache in Victoria. It was turned in to the Oak Bay Police who did some due dilligence, signed the log book, added some new trinkets and returned it to the cacher that the cache was named after to rehide.

GCJNG4 September 12,2005

"A few days ago an elderly gentleman was walking at Cattle Point. He spotted something funny in the bushes. He pulled it out and didn't know what to make of it. When he opened it he saw all kinds of goodies. He assumed that someone had stolen it from a vehicle and had thrown it into the bushes so he took it to the Oak Bay Police department and turned it in.

An extremely helpful person at the department took the time to look it up and even to email the TEAM letting them know what had happened. She explained it to the gentleman who felt very bad that he had ruined someone's game. He was going to return it but figured that he may be spotted and give away the hiding spot.

So I swung by and picked up George today.....looking well rested after spending a couple of days in the slammer. Obviously they feed their guests well in Oak Bay.

They took the time to sign the log book and even added a few trade items before I took him away.

So he's back where he belongs now.......yet another funny story to tell our grandkids.

Many thanks to Carla and the Oak Bay Police Department who were so helpful :rolleyes: "

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