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You Know You Cache Too Much When ...

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Based off the Jeff Foxworthy's "You might be a redneck ..."


You know you cache too much when ...


Fill in the blank with your signs of addiction:


When you're at home, you go outside and dig a hole to have a bowel movement

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Top Ten signs you’ve been doing a little too much Geocaching:


10. You’ve had more "conversations" on your Garmin than on your REAL cell phone.


9. Your wedding invitation features a Difficulty / Terrain rating.


8. You realize you can read the hints better without clicking "Decrypt."


7. You get distracted watching movies because you keep scanning the background scenery, thinking, "That’d be a GREAT place for a micro!"


6. It takes the meter man an hour and a half to find YOUR water meter.


5. Everyone else puts a quarter in the coffee fund jar in the office break room. You TAKE a quarter, leave a Travel Bug, and cover the jar with pine straw.


4. Someone stops you on the street to ask directions to the post office, but all you can give them is the lattitude and longitude.


3. Your tax return features a $700.00 deduction for “AA Batteries”.


2. You drag your old junk washing machine into the woods, put a logbook in it, and post the coords so the National Park Service will haul it off.


And, the NUMBER ONE sign that you’ve been doing a little too much Geocaching:


1. Your mama named you “CCCooperAgency”.

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And, the NUMBER ONE sign that you’ve been doing a little too much Geocaching:


1. Your mama named you “CCCooperAgency”.


Actually her mom named her Lynn. But think all would agree she definitely does add a whole new dimension to "cache crazy".

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1) If your staying at a friend's house, it is mandatory that they have the internet and that you know their zip code....DONE IT!


2) If you see anyone with an offroad vehicle, hiking boots, or a backpack, they are, to you, undoubtedly Geocaching...DONE IT!!


3) You refuse to tell your friends what Geocachng is because they may betray you and take your FTF away...DONE IT!!!


4) You wish you could have a tape measure that measures 1/10 of a mile so you can place as many caches as possible in your area....DONE IT!!!!


5) Your idea of pranking someone is no longer placing toilet paper in their trees, but placing micros in their garden....DONE IT!!!!!


6) At age fifteen, you plan Geocaching trips instead of trips to the movies....DONE IT!!!!!!


7) To avoid muggles, you itentionally trip into the woods, fall into a guardrail, or try to swim on concrete in a parking lot...?.....DONE IT!!!!!!!...DONE IT!!!!!!!...DONE IT!!!!!!!


8) You look for a job based on which buildings or areas you would have access to hide things in....DONE IT!!!!!!!!


9) You stare down each guardrail you pass in your car, looking for magnetic keyholders....DONE IT!!!!!!!!!


10) You have a fight with your team members about who gets to be the first geocacher to place a cache on the moon......Seviously....DONE IT !!!!!!!!!!


P.S. i want to see the show that you're making out of these replies

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when you drive your son to school, and work in four finds in between the time you drop him off and pick him up instead of just driving back home.


when the town you live in and the two towns on either side don't have any caches in them that you haven't found.


when you see new types of Internet puzzles and think to yourself, "Self, how can I make that into a puzzle cache?"

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