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Help Me Figure This Out Garmin

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For the NorthAmerica products, City Select/City Navigator include routing data for the GPS, so the GPS can route you along roads to a destination. Metroguide does not - it will route on a PC, but on the GPSr it cannot provide turn-bu-turn directions to a destination. To forestall the inevitable question, City Select and City Navigator are nearly identical products, with the largest difference being the size of the map segments are larger in CN. If you are using the memory card that came with your LegendCx, I would for now recommend CS (if you can find it).



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I believe some versions of Metroguide support auto-routing (eg: an early ver of Canada Metroguide). But later versions do not, so if you want up-to-date maps AND auto-routing, then you need CS or CN.


There might also be a difference in where the map data came from. Canada Metroguide data came from DMTI Spatial where as I think all of CS/CN is sourced from NavTeq.



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Metroguide version 4.01 (and earlier) do support autorouting.

True for MetroGuide-USA versions 4.01 and 4.02, but not for the "and earlier" since MG-USA v3.0 (data version 2.0) didn't support auto-routing at all, not even on the PC.


The current version of MetroGuide-Canada using DMTI data also supports auto-routing both on the GPS and PC.

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