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Google Map Features

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In the continuation of our Google Earth features we have integrated Google Maps with


First, the usual map you see on the cache pages has been replaced by a Google map. Google has been improving their maps over time so expect to see more improved maps outside the US as they build their library. Recently many areas in Europe have been enjoying their improved maps.


When you click on the pin on the map, however, the best Google Map functionality can be found. It should be relatively intuitive but you can drag the map around which will automatically refresh the pins on the page for the caches in the area. So we don't tax the servers too much we only show a maximum of 150 caches when you zoom out too far. However dragging the map around can be very productive in your search.


The other feature is just for premium members. You can now select a bookmark list from the top of the page and click the book beside each cache to add or remove it from your bookmark list. The response should be pretty quick and rewarding for those planning out their day of caching.


We hope you enjoy the new features. If you wish to discuss this further I have started a new forum topic to post questions and comments.


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