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I recently replaced the original logbooks in 2 of my caches that are now 4 years old. The next finder of one them claimed a "First to sign new logbook". I laughed at the log. Then 3 days later another cacher claimed the same thing on the other cache. Weird coincidence. I wonder if anybody actually tracks such things.....hmmmmmmm.


Something in the human psyche that "needs" to be first I guess.

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It's just fun to see a clean white page that YOU get to sign first. Firsts are fun. I don't often get to be first to find - but that sure is fun. I think now I may explore at every cache, "What first is this for me?"


- first Wally World parking lot cache (By the way - not bashing them - I have one of my own.)

- first cache to find a snake at

- first cache found in an abandoned building (loved that Mothman cache!)

- first cache of the day!


Being first can be fun!

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I recently created a cache here in Arizona (cloned from another I saw somewhere) that feeds this 'need'.

I Was FTF!


AZcachemeister, we were inspired by your idea and placed a cache in a garden very near of our house (like 100meters or so). <_<


Check it out: GCVYZR - FTF!! FTF!! FTF!!.


We're loving the reactions. :mad:


Thank you!

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i think its kind of fun to log first and to view other people's first. i have them listed on my profile. its kind of interesting knowing how people go interested in this sport/game...(my vote is sport, but to my muggle friends it is a game)


check 'em out...


rushing to be a FTF is kinda fun. my 1st FTF took me 3 trips and (embarassingly enough) about 4 hours of searching/travel! i live 1.5 miles away, but have no car access...

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