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Found A Neat Trinket At Devils Tower


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I found a website in my paperwork I got with this benchmark. Thought I would pass it along.



Very nice replicas but not accurate. I got one for Longs Peak and one for Diamond Head.


Here’s the pictures for the Diamond Head replica and the real thing.




My wife asked me where I was going to put it. She wasn’t happy when I suggested the middle of the coffee table.

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I received the Mt. Mitchell version as a gift last Christmas. By coincidence, I had mentioned this in November to a friend of mine who is dating the former Park Ranger for Mt. Mitchell (and who currently is the head of the NC State Parks System).


My friend agreed this would be a unique gift for someone with such a career path. Imagine our surprise when the monuments arrived, complete with an acknowledgement and thanks from the manufacturer, to the former Park Ranger on Mt. Mitchell. Yes, it even gave his name. :laughing:



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There is no actual NGS survey marker at the summit. The benchmark is the "approximate center of the top".


So does that mean the actual center AT the top, as in being up there at the center?


or the center as seen from ground level?






I also notice that it has "Adjusted" coordinates...... would be interesting to see where those coordinates fall.

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There's one for sale in Death Valley for the lowest point in the US. Course, there's no real marker at that point, since the area isn't stable. (As I recall, the paperwork that comes with it says something to that effect). Both the full size ones and a small one were available, but I didn't buy one because I felt they were kinda pricey.

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