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New Copy Query Feature


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Today one of my regular PQ's ran but I did not revive it. So I decided to use the new copy PQ feature to create copy to run once and delete. I noticed that the copy retained dates to run and how often your query should run values from the original PQ and it ran before I had a chance to change them.


I would suggest that when you click the copy icon it should either


1) Take you to a 'New Pocket Query' page where all the old values are the defaults for the new query (my preference).




2) Clear the days of the week that the query should run.


I apologize if this has already been discussed, I tried to look for the previous thread discussing this feature but did not see it.



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Jeremy said in THE OTHER THREAD that this will get fixed:


We're going to adjust the copy feature to zero out all the days they run so you can pick it after the copy is made. That's just in case you want to keep it from running until you can edit the parameters.

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