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Geocaching.com Home Page Pics

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Was just logging onto the GC.com home page to check out Batz's trip when I noticed a familiar face on the top banner. I am always wondered if one of QFC's horrid photos would some day appear on this banner (and thankfully this has not happened yet).


The familiar face was that of Rod from rodnjoan at the "Dirty Water" Cache.


Congrats Rod! You were famous for a milli second. :laughing:



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I had often thought if that. I was wondering if they just cycle through a stock list of images since I seem to see the same ones flash up often.


Someone should strong arm GC for more scenic SA pics on there rather than shrubs from Texas. [:)]

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Hmmm... Sounds like an idea. Will have to give it thought.


Would also require SA cachers to upload pics to a site other than gc.com? Would people be willing to do that? Double the bandwidth and all that stuff...


(Part 2)

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