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All Advice Appreciated For New Gps Unit

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I have a Garmin Legend, going to give it to my kid to geocache. I want a GPS that has an electronic compass - I hate it when the compass stops when I stop, and turn by turn navigation as I am driving. Why? We recently went to an area for instance with a river running right through it - Wisconsin Dells. Did not have any maps and the GPS was no help getting us there - i.e. told us to go straight ahead, river. I also would like a color screen - easier to see. I am considering the new Garmin 76CSX. Does anyone have any better recommendations or have any experience with the 76CSX? I would appreciate any and all advice.

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Id go with the 60CSX because it is cheaper than the 76CSX and I like the smaller case design. I'd only go with the 76CSX if I needed a unit for boating and wanted it to float.


Since you will probably end up upgrading the memory with a larger microSD card, the larger card in the 76CSX isn't worth the added price.

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I have owned the Map76CSx for the last 3 months. Other than the intermittent altimeter problem, I love this unit. I previously had the Map76S so the addition of the color screen and much more sensitive receiver is a significant improvement. As others here have said , the choice between the Map76CSx and the 60CSX is more personal that it is technical. same capabilities, just different packaging. The color screen on both units is easily read in all lighting conditions. I also agree with you that having an electronic compass that provides diectional indication when standing still is a real plus.


I fully expect the altimeter problem to be resolved by Garmin so I wouldn't let that open problem deter you from buying one.

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I personally don't use an altimeter, my main reason for looking for this type of unit is the mapping capabilities. While driving, I want it to be able to have the waypoint I want to go to listed and driving directions on how to get there via the GPS. This is possible right? I looked into buying a navigational type unit for the car, but was told these would not be good choices for geocaching and hiking.

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Yes, the Map76CSx is great for both driving and back country hiking. With the Garmin topo maps for off road and the City Select V7 auto routing software loaded. The on road auto routing works great and provides the turn by turn directions. Text only, no speaker for verbal directions. I have been very impressed with the quality of the auto routing and text directions. I primarily bought this for back country use, but I have quickly become addicted to using the on road capabilites as well.

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I got the Garmin GPSmap 76CSx a couple weeks ago - and I love it! I just started geocaching, but have used the gps in the car, on my 4-wheeler, and it's phenomenal. I got this one because it has improved reception in deep woods and ravines, and it's waterproof.


After a 2-day ATV trip in West Virginia, I was impressed. It never lost signal, no matter where we went. When I rolled my ATV into a mud bog, I broke the handlebar mount but the GPS is still going strong. The gps has been dead-on with the caches I've found so far. In fact, I'm probably going to buy another one for my boyfriend - so he can have one in his truck, and he doesn't need to 'borrow' mine!

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