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If it wasn't for Geocaching, I wouldn't have met my sweet Mopar. We enjoy so much more than just geocaching, though! We both enjoy shooting and hiking and camping and canoeing and kayaking and bicycling and our stupid computers and just lazing around. He doesn't like sushi . . . tho . . . perhaps I should rethink this :)


Anyhoo . . . we have more in common than we don't . . . nevertheless Geocaching does work as a dating service!


Good Luck . . . I hope you find someone as wonderful as my Mopar . . . then you can do lotsa stuff together! ;)<_<


Happy caching and stuff! :)



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:D I've been thinking about moving Southeast, actually. Perhaps if I find a nice male geocacher, and some really appealing caches, that might persuade me. I'm a sucker for men in uniform, especially. But, above all, a man in a jeep makes me DROOL! :D


goldfishy if you make it to the southeast look us up low country mud rats. jeeping happens to be my first passion along with camping, kayaking and of course geocaching. as for the uniform thing well i can't have everything.



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i don't own a jeep, but does a humvee count? (see profile)

seriously, my advice for you is to just do the things you enjoy doing, you'll just naturally be yourself, and when you least expect it, you'll meet someone. if they share your hobbies great; if not, then you can introduce each other to new things. My wife and i have very different interests which are slowly converging, but we knew right away that we had found "the one". i know it sounds cliche but sometimes those cliches are around because it turns out they are true!

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