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'rolling Your Own' 1:24k Maps - And Sharing Them?

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The only thing I can think of is its overheating. Raise the laptop off your desk. How big of an area are you trying to convert?


I'll try raising the computer off of the desk. I am tgrying to convert Brown County, Indiana.


I have made it a habit to dust off the cooling of notebooks every other week with compressed air. Let the notebook sit turned off for at least 2 hours, then blow compressed air into the fan outlet until you hear the fan screaming (yes, against the flow), followed by blowing into the inlets. If you haven't done it for 3 months, expect dust!!!


Especially Centrino and other low consumption notebooks, that regulate the fans down to very slow, tend to accumulate quite well.


I am right now typing this on a 4 year old Compaq Presario 2.4GHz P4, which had this procedure performed regularly for the past 3 years ... no side effects encountered (other than that it never shut off from overheating again, and this thing is crunching quite a bit).



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right click on the item, choose properties, left click the button to the right of the type description, change the code/description.


Thanks for the suggestion, GeoidPS. The thing is, these .shp files have hundreds of items in them, so one by one changes post import are really not an option. The different types are already in the .shp file, it's just that I can't get gpsmapedit to recognize them.

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I found the editor I wanted, that is able to detect new line and therefore able to carry on type chnage based on label in .mp files, it is Vedit from: http://vedit.com/tvdownload.htm#Download%20Links


When you want to carry on repetitive changes it is far easier to do it on the text formated file like .mp than to use mapedit.

Note that mapedit has a "label translate" function, that is great but affect only the labels.

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You can also do that through a search & replace in MS Word. Somewhere in the dialog for that there is a place where you can pick non-text characters (like a line return or paragraph mark) so you can search and replace across lines. You just have to make sure to save the file as plain text (and with the .mp extension) and not as a .doc.

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