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You Know You're Hooked When...


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You base your family vacation on caches that you can find while getting from point A to point B!


hehe, or appointments out, or lunch dates, or.... you see, i'm getting the hang of this already, and it's not even been a week since my first find yet! I really want to get a FTF, though...just have to get up early enough in the morning. Maybe this summer.



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When you climb the side of a mountain after dark with an itty bitty flashlight.


When you climb 30ft up a tree after a cache.


When you strip down naked on the side of a trail and swim to an island on a lake in early April. (In Massachussets) Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


When you bushwack 3/4 of a mile across a thorn and vine entangled swamp with occasional knee deep mud trying for a shortcut back to the car.


When you chase another FTF cache hound down a four wheeler trail with your Subaru trying for another FTF.


When you make a 3,000 mile round trip and hit at least one cache in every state along the way. (and back)


Yep, I've done all that. LOL

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You get up at 7:30am the first morning of your honeymoon to go caching because "It might be awhile before I get a chance to hit this area again."

Yep, I had to do it! Bless my lovely wife for being so kind and understanding. She has since created her own account with the moniker "CacheWidow" and has followed the old saying, "if ya can't beat 'em, might as well join 'em!"

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lmao and i thought i was the only one (everything sounds familure, except spending that much on a gps and hadn't been out yet... the honeymoon thing and the wedding/reception.... how ever i have a wedding i'm going to on my B-Day... wonder if the reception is in the same place or a different one.....)

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When you go to Wal-Mart (or any other place you like to buy shoes and clothes) just to get some caching clothes for your up comeing caching vacation.. OH! and don't forget a nice pair of Hiking type shoes/boots for you and the kids!!!!!

**We did this today! :ph34r: **



edited for spelling.... hope i got it all

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When everyone in a park looks suspicious.


When every car parked on the side of the road looks suspicious.


When you spend more time in the dollar store than the grocery store.


You almost got it. It should be "When you spend more money in the dollar store than the grocery store."

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When you get up a 6am every morning (instead of the 8am you could sleep in to) looking for new caches in your area because you still haven't gotten a first to find.

When you've suddenly told the boss you were leaving work to "run an errand for the company."

When you've introduced most of your friends and family to the sport (should've bought stock in Garmin...)

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..no caching on our Wedding day but...


I did have 'Our Honeymoon Traveler" travelbug in my pocket during the wedding and handed it out to a local Geocacher to place when he greeted us in the reception line..and then he headed out caching and placed it that day..



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Please add to the list...here's mine to start with.


1. You stay up until 1:30 am finding caches to look for when you go on your bike ride the next day, and you only started hunting three days ago.




You get so into it you go with out getting a GPS unit and hope luck smiles on you (which it did). Then along comes mothers day and your husband asks you what you would like for a gift and you say "Why honey a nice GPS unit would be lovely" he looks at you askance and goes out an buys a very good one for you. Then you sit up until 2am trying to figure out how to use it and what programs you like best in conjunction. Then get up at the crack of dawn the next morning, call the daughter and have her bring the 3yr old grandson, load up and hit the trail.

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The list is endless, but I figure that I was hooked when I sal up for 7.5 hours reading through all the threads, :( and then woke my husband up on a Saturday morning at 7:30 (he usually sleeps to 10) to read him the following thread from Geocaching Groups by Country > United Kingdom. I could relate to all of it and had only been caching for 1 week at the time. :(




LMAO, he did not think it was so funny, and he did not like me going to bed at 10:30 am! :lol:

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You need to do a service project for Girl Guides, and the first thing that comes to mind is CITO.


You geocache on your school band trip. Possibly bending the rules to do so.


You pick what university to go to based on which has the most caches nearby.

(Not really... but that's how it worked out anyways)

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...when you march through snake infested muddy water in flip-flops, than climb a steep bank and walk in high, tick infested grass to get to an area where you could spend over an hour looking for a small hidden object in the heat of summer.....and find it!

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When you go on a boy scout trip with your son, geocache instead of participate in their adventure, get back after they have returned from white water rafting, eat dinner and plan the night caches that you are going to do when they go to bed.


Then you leave them in a storm (they are supervised by the dads, and moms aren't supposed to intermingle with them anyway) and go out again at 10pm in the pouring down rain and hit a few more because your friend has never logged a cache from NC, and afterall, you are only 30 minutes away.


You then return at 2AM where they are all mad because the 1hour roundtrip drive ended up taking 4 hours. But the worst part is you really wanted to cache more!!


We were scolded by the Scoutmasters wife tonight for caching on the trip over the weekend, guess we will not be doing that anymore. But what a great weekend moon-bear and I had in Georgia and North Carolina.

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When you have to drive 35 miles in a rural area to a walmart and try to figure how and where to

hide 350 caches on the drive...(1/10 rule you know) <_<


You dream about hiding caches and wake up in the morning and cant find them so you just realized you got your first DNF :D

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When you go after that FTF as the sun goes down WITHOUT a flashlight...and use the GPSr backlight and cell phone just to see to sign the logbook (with the kids in tow - bad mommy!)


When you know your toe is broken and you can't wear shoes for over a month - EXCEPT for geocaching (2.5 miles and 4 caches...I can do that)


When you spend your 17th and then 18th Wedding anniversaries at geocaching events - and place an anniversary cache too! - <_<Stepol's anniversary cache


When the guys at the military surplus store greet you by name (but still look at you strangely as you pick up another half dozen ammo cans)

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When you spend over $3000 dollars on gps equpment for your car, backpack, and person.


when you install a computer with satalite internet in yor car.


When you start thinking about opeing a geocaching store ( or get fired cause the weather got nice and you went caching to much )


When you not allowed to talk about geocaching at home anymore.


When you wife finds at least 2 geocoins a week in your laundry.


When you buy a new bike, and cover it in camo tape, just for caching.


or when you buy a new atv just for caching

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