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Team Laxson

2006 Colorado Geocoin

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Sax - your order has been updated!


Thank you!


If there is anyone else interested in the coin, there are coins available.


To place your order, Copy/Paste the following information to: coloradogeocoins@gmail.com

Geocaching Name:

Email address:

Shipping Name:

Shipping Address (street, city, state, zip):



Shipping date is still set at 05/25/06 (mint to Colorado). GW4 is taking priority at the mint, and they are doing their best to fullfil the demand this geocoin phenominom is putting on them.

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Email sent. Nice design :ninja:

:) Thank you. We like the design too.


We are not responsible for the big part of the design. MrCOgeo, and many other Colrado cachers, have put in many hours of work to arrive with what you see today:



Thanks for recognizing their efforts!



For those of you who are seeing this thread for the first time, there are still coins available. Order away!

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I just received notice that the coins have shipped from the minter. They should be here in a day or two!!

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Missed the FedEx drop-off, so I scurried off to Boulder and picked them up! I have all the coins in my possession!


We're labeling them tonight and will start packing them tomorrow. Not sure how Memorial Day will impact delivery, but they'll be in the mail soon!

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Thanks to everyone who has supported this coin through production.


30+ orders were dropped in the mail today. We're packing the rest up and will ship them Next week.


Memorial Day is a holiday, so I can't ship any then. Look for most to be put in the mail Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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99% of the paid orders have been shipped, most on 06.01.06. I still have a few international orders left to go (just want to make sure the addresses are perfect!).


There are a still a few reserved orders that haven't been paid. I sent out a 2nd notice to many, but haven't received a repy. Not sure if you received the e-mail or not. If you reserved coins and have not paid for them yet, please send an e-mail to the address in the original post. I will re-send an invoice.


For those of you who requested coins in the past few days, I will be sending out invoices soon.


There are a limited number of coins still available. Time is running out to buy them at this price. Don't miss out!

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