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Geocaching In Europe

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I spend a lot of time in Europe, and having just taken up geocaching, I've started to do it over there too. The easiest way for me is to pick a location (such as my hotel or office) and do a search for caches centered on that location, by using coordinates. I use MapSource's European MetroGuide to get the coordinates.


Biggest issue that I have is that a lot of the cache listings seem to be in languages I don't read or speak :lol:

That is a big isue in offset or puzzle caches, but not such as issue with traditional caches. And I think you'll find enough in English in most places to satisfy the cache craving! Good luck!

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One of the easy things to do to narrow down the area is to use google earth with the Geocaching KML installed. (available through your gc.com account) I have used to narrow down caches for my trip to Hannover and Braunschweig in March. When I have found a good place/cache I take the coords and put then in the pocket queuery generator ón gc.com and get the gpx files.


Unfortunately the time spent stuck in queue on the german autobahn (freeway) took all the time that we should have used on caching.

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We would like to geocache in Germany, but when I search by country and go to Germany, I can't see how to narrow it down to cities. I see 18000+ caches listed. How can I narrow it down to the area we will be visiting? Thanks for your help.


This site might be helpful: http://www.getty.edu/research/conducting_r...cabularies/tgn/


Just enter city names to use as search start points and chose from the returned list of 'populated places'.


Convert the returned coords to gc.com's format here: http://jeeep.com/details/coord/


Search 'til your heart's content. Happy travels!! :):lol::lol: Bone voygagme!! ;-)

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