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"visit The Gallery" For A Cache


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I've been trying to find a gallery of all the pictures that were taken for a particular cache. Eventually I realized that the link is above the recent cache logs. I think this is a bad place for the link. It should be up on the top of the cache page along with other basic info about the cache, for more visibility and clarity.


I say this because I like to take pictures of every cache I visit, and I think many people do, and it's a shame if our pictures are overlooked. Of course there should be a mini-spoiler warning, as pictures may contain clues to the cache location. I think photos really add depth and quality to the site, especially to look back at caches you've already visited and remember all kinds of pictures taken there by yourself or other people.


Anybody else agree? Any site admins care to use this advice?

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Personally, I've never had a problem with where it is now, and it makes more sense (to me)there then moving it. If I'm looking for the pictures associated with the cache logs, it makes sense (to me) to look for the link near the cache logs. Also, it's right below the links for any pictures the cache owner uploaded. It's also right next to the "Spoilers" warning. If you move the link you would need to have the same warning in two different places, which seems inefficient to me.

I can't remember a single prior thread in the last 4-5yrs mentioning this as a "problem" which is probably some sort of record, since usually someone wants something done differently.

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Ah yes. The spoiler alert. Thanks for mentioning it.


You could just ROT13 the data in the photo, and if you want to see the photo, you have to do the rotation and reassemble the jpeg in a hex editor. That'd be consistant. :lol:


I've gotten so proficient at decrypting the ROT13 hints in the field that I'm certain I'll be able to just look at the hex and tell what's in the picture. :lol:

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That's a very good point. It's a pretty straightforward addition so I'll see if I can add it sooner than later. Thanks!




A good spot could be right above "5 user(s) watching this cache." Add a line above it that says "4 picture(s) of this cache".




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