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Note Field Description For Garmin Gps

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I have shown some people what I do with my GPS to avoid printing many cache pages for each cache. So I thought I would share here for the greater good of the community. Any other tricks that you guys use, I would love to hear about. Please share. I download a pocket query once a week of all the updated caches so I am prepared for the weekend with current data!!!!


This will fill your GPS cache notes field with the following data:


T/R 2/3 Y YYNY 0426 YG3F - This meaning, traditional/Regular Difficulty/Terrain Travel Bug (Y-N) last four finds (Yes or No) Date of last find and GC id. Note: it changes for every cache accordingly.


This helps when you are exploring and notice a cache pop up on the screen nearby but you need to know if it is traditional/multi/virtual/etc and when it was last found, etc, etc, etc.


Copy and paste the following text into a generic text document and save to your computer.


If $d_LastLog = [00000000]

Set $_Special = "NL"


Set $_Special = DateToString($d_LastFoundDate)

Set $_Special = Right($_Special, 4)



Place this file somewhere on your computer so that you can route to it later. (ie:geocaching folder, Desktop)


In GSAK under the GPS tab under Send Waypoints to GPS, there is a field called "waypoint description format" paste this line in that field: (watch the wrap!)


%Typ1/%Con1 %Dif/%Ter %Bug %Last4 %macro="C:\Documents and Settings\Geography\Desktop\clydeE.txt" %drop2


NOTE: you need to change the path in the macro section above from where I have mine to where you place your TXT file on your computer.


Save this to use on the next occasion for sending waypoints and you will have a nice little cache description to read on your GPS instead of printing paper all the time.


Hope it helps....

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I have a 60CSX, and was trying to load as mucha s possible onto the cache waypoint as possible before a road trip.


But my problem is, you can only load 1000 waypoints onto the GPS, and you can't store waypoints on th SD card as far as I know. Also you can only store about 30 characters in the "comment" space. so thats enough for a few basic details as outlined by Vespa, and about the first 20 or so characters in the hint for example.


But, for those of you who are interested, you can create thousands of POI caching points, which can take a much larger comment. I.e. you can store much more information about the cache.


Yu can do this using a macro in GSAK as explained by Vespa and then using Garmin's POILoader.


If there's anyone interested, I'll post more info in the new year.


Have a good Christmas everyone! :o

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