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What Kind Of Puzzle Is This?

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I think it's a courtesy to ask the puzzle cache owner for help, and let them decide if, and how much to give. The cache owner would likely be quite frustrated to see the method of the puzzle explained on the forums. Good luck!


I agree, and with that in mind I am sending a PM to the original poster.

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Well, Forty-n-Eight, one of the problems is that with most puzzle caches, you either get the "delivery method" or you don't. I have owned puzzle caches, and it's hard to give a little clue to get one started without giving the game away. I've just returned to caching after some time off, but months ago I spent hours and hours on a puzzle cache and never did figure it out. The cache owner did try to help me, but the clues did not make any light bulbs go off or get me any closer. If the cache is still there, I'll get back to it. It'll be a real triumph for me if I ever do find it, but it would be a rather uninspiring find if someone told me how to do it. I have not looked at the puzzle in question, but there's some way to pull numbers out of it. You know some of the first numbers for your area, so see if you can make those appear somehow. Again, good luck.

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