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60csx Finding Cities?

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Just got my new 60csx today. After playing around with it a little, so far I love it! The reception is unbelievable compared to my Legend.

One thing I noticed though, when I hit find, to find a city, I enter the mode of "find by name". And I noticed that after just entering a few letters, it automatically goes to a few citys, none of which are the ones I was searching for.

For instance, I wnated to do a "find" on Olney IL. after just putting in the O nad the L, it just switched over to a screen that had some foreign city on it, wouldn't let me go any further. I know on my Legend, you could put as many letters in as it required to find what city you were looking for. But the 60 seems to be missing a ton of cities in it's memory.

Anyone have this problem? Or am I just doing something wrong?

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