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Past Bed Time

Keith Watson

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Jomarac5 and I used to go night caching on a regular basis. Most of the time we wouldn't even start out until 9 or 10pm (often later) and cache until 2 or 3am. We would usually bring a couple of BFL's each (they only have about 20 min. battery life), headlamps and maglights. Caching at night in the dark adds a whole new element to caching and it was always fun sneaking into parks after closing. It's amazing the sorts of things you see caching at night that you would never see during the daytime. :)

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hmm, the latest I've ever been out for caching. Skipping over the two 24 hour marathons, it's probably the night the KoBFL team did Bruce Almighty We started the series at about 10pm, and finished up at something like 8am the next morning.


Over the last couple of years, I think I've found more caches at night than I have in the daylight hours.

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I think the lastest I have ben out is 3am or 4am. did a mini marathon from north of Pikering to downtown Toronto also did a another mini marathon north of georgetown.


The one of best night caching experiance besides the 24 hour marathon would have to have been the hike to the Brent Who??? cache in the wee hours of the morning.


Night caching is always the best time to attempt caches that are in busy muggle areas like GO stations and shopping malls.

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Once we met up and headed out to a cache at 12:00am, got to the site at 12:30am, looked for an hour and gave up (ends up the owner of the cache had typed in a wrong digit and it was over 100km away from where we were looking). Got back to my house for 2am. That was during a week night too. lol It was bad getting up the next morning at 6am. lol

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The latest I've been out caching was the 24 hour marathon, which finished at 8AM, got home at 10AM.

Then there was that run on the Bruce Almighty series, again out until 7:30AM finishing that one and home at 10AM. We almost lost Keith off the escarpment on that one :o


I've had a few 4AMs with "The Order" and 2-3AM is common. I think My body must figure I live in Hawaii, what with the time zone and all.... :)


Most days I head out caching I'm lucky to get STARTED in daylight hours. I typically make my way around with a 4 LED headlamp and a 7 Focused LED flashlight. I also have two 1 Million Candlelight BFLs, a couple maglites and occasionally I get to use the four really bright lights mounted on the front of my SUV (Better for use on a GO cache than a Bruce Trail cache). :blink:


I have also found a couple caches by the light of my PDA and by the light of my GPS (eXplorist). I'm not kidding on that either. You can see an eXplorist 600 from space if it's on the maximum brightness level. The others that are using red LED's to not wreck their night vision tend to dislike that about my toys.

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Man I'm just thinking of the pain your eyes would be in if you encountered someone on the trail with a BFL pointed at those goggles..... :blink:

Ah, the advantage of modern night vision systems is the auto-dimming feature... Similar to a high end welder's mask, it it will instantly compensate for changes in brightness, preventing the user from being blinded by extreme changes in light. Though once you remove them from your head, with dark adapted eyes, a BFL would be killer!

Though I doubt you'd find this feature on those $800 specs... :o



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I've been out caching pretty late. 4 or 5 ish I think. Tomtec's pub night comes to mind and as jeff trex said brent who. that was a late hike, but well worth it. Caching at night is great but thats just because i get to use all the flashlights i've collected.


As for night vision, I don't know much about goggles but I do have a monocular and I havn't found it very usefull for caching at night. some one remind me to bring it to the next pub night and we can test them out on some caches after the event.

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