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What Do You Think Of A Gpsmap 76

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I had two 76S's for a couple of years.Similar to the 76 except it has an altimeter and compass. It does give a vertical trip computer were the non S's don't. They are good units. With my Gilsson external antenna I recorded some great hikes with accuracy and still use them in the 60cs when I go back during times of uncertin weather conditions.


The only thing I didn't like about them was the screen wasn't easy to read in dim light or night compared to other units I've had. So I traded up to a 60CS which has the color screen with a better back light,processor,and some other features. The difference in being able to see the track with the 60 series is awesome.


I think $200.00 is way too much for that unit. You could buy a brand new 60C (non color) for $ 244.00 at GPSCITY.COM. I just sold my last 76S in mint condition for $175.00 on ebay. Check there for a better deal.


GPSCITY has some of the best prices I"ve seen. I always end up buying from them. They are a authorized Garmin dealer.

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It is a good unit if you do not want a color screen or very much internal memory for using maps.


By today's standards, it is a bit dated but still a very good performing unit, especially for use around water since it will actually float.


Current auction prices on ebay have it selling between $125-175 with many less than $150 and one recently went for only $90, so you can do better on the price.

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It's a good unit. Some mention it's somewhat large size. No USB, small memory.

Works best pointed to the sky (and some have trouble grasping that and want to hold it flat).

It's also 2 Generations OLD technology (that still works very well).

Remember there were newer Color versions released, and now the X models are out.


I also have a much smaller sized Legend. Works OK.

Much improved waypoint editing features. But some display options I like on the 76 are not there.


$200 is about the high end for NEW units being auctioned for instant gratification on that ?bay site.

With some patience I would think you should expect a better price than that.

These are still selling because some buyers must find $200 to be an attractive price point.

But this unit was available for the same $200 at least 18 month ago if you looked for the right deal.

The Color units were available then, but the X models were not.

Old stuff is supposed to come down in price. At least till it becomes an antique.

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Likes or dislikes good price for 200.00?

Im a fan of the 76 series, I've got a both a 76S and CS, which see regular use on my mountain bike, motorcycle, kayak and canoe. The two features that enamored me to the 76 series over the 60 are the marine heritage - lots of kayaking and canoeing mean my unit must float alongside me if I dump and the internal memory. When I bought my CS, the X series hadn't been announced, so internal memory was still an issue.


Another datapoint to consider: The 76 was meant to be used in a high vibration environment, the 60 is handheld. I can't prove if the 76 is hardened against vibration damage, but I suspect it is the case.

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