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What Kind Of Things Do You Guys Trade?

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I am real new to this wonderful sport and have been trying to figure out what kind of things to get for trading. I want to make sure that I am doing it right.


So could you give me a list of what favorite items you place in the geocaches.


Thanks for the help

noisii <_<

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Well, my personal favorite was trading a custom Harley for a new Land Rover Discovery. Or the time I found Howie's $1,000,000 case as an FTF prize. <_<:) (Just kidding)


For swag I have some Key clip carabiners, some pin on compasses like you see on the camping isle at Wal-Mart. And I keep Kleenex packets, but thats a pretty cheap trade, that's more for drying a cache out with. Other stuff I'd trade are those little first aid kits for under a dollar at Wal-Mart.

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I keep all sorts of stuff in my swag bag. I have Hotwheels toys, tiny magic 8-balls, model Mini Coopers, etc. This Spring I've started putting out DEET towlettes and emergency rolls of TP. It's really whatever your imagination can come up with.

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We put out bear keychains because I love bears and we also leave small hand sanitizer bottles for those messy caches. We have also left some McToys that we pick up but not very often. We are still working on deciding some other things we would like to leave but right now it's what fits the bank account.

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Just think what you would like to find in a cache, and start trading. My basic trade list go something like this:


Extra Log book & Pencil/with sharpener (placed in a good zip lock baggy)

Traveling Playing cards (Old Maid, Go fish, Poker)


Key chains (Fancy ones)

Pencils (unsharpened)

Pens (signature soft grips are nice)


Hotwheel cars

Bouncing Balls

Bubbles and wand set


Puzzles (both wooden and box)

Cute Squeeky toys (Parents love these)

Dairy Queen Gift cards (One free cone)

McDonald gift card

Starbucks gift cards

Dunken Donuts Gift cards

Walmart gift card (FTF)

"Where's George" Dollar bill

Coins from other countries


First aid kits (Kids come along too)

Burger King Watches

Noise makers (Not the pull string go bang ones)

A bag of Marbles (How many time have we lost ours?)

TB (Travel Bugs)

Geo coins

Gliders (Balsa wood or foam)

Bracelets and beads

Billy Bob Teeth pacifier (New, not used)

Something home made


The list goes on and on..... :huh:


But that should be enough to get you started and you should be about to trade up with almost any cache out there.


Except for the ones filled with gold bars and stuffed full of $100.00 bills.


Those are hard ones to trade up. But if you have any broken McDonold toys, feel free to exchange them for the gold and bills. Fair exchange in my book. :laughing:


Keep Caching

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We are still kind of new to this too, but when we first started I looked at the logs to see what kinds of things people said they were leaving and taking. That will give you a great idea of what people are doing in your area.


We live in SC, and I like to leave state-themed stuff sometimes. We have a backpack we usually take and it contains:


Several ziploc bags in assorted sizes

our signature cards

A few small notebooks (to use as log books, if needed)

Pens and pencils

small containers of bug spray and sunscreen

SC State bracelets and key chains

small first aid kits


travel size games (chess, checkers)

small sea creature water squirters

SC floating key chain (for boat keys)

mini-manicure kits


We're probably going to pick up some gift cards for our favorite places (just a few bucks on each) - we are planning a serious geocaching outing for Saturday - and I want more great trade items to take. :unsure:

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We're still new at Geocahing. We always leave something even if we don’t trade.



Key chains

Signature Item

Assortment of toys

My favorite is a 4” green toy soldier like the little ones.

foreign currcency



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I am real new to this wonderful sport and have been trying to figure out what kind of things to get for trading. I want to make sure that I am doing it right.


So could you give me a list of what favorite items you place in the geocaches.


Thanks for the help

noisii B)

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I avoid food items because it attracts animals, even in tiny amounts. If I find any in a cache I'll take it out and trade something non-food for it. Anything with oils and fats and such might be food for an animal even if it isn't food for me, so I include chapstick, soap, Play-Doh and such.


If a cache lacks a working pen I'll usually leave one, and I carry a few extra for that purpose.


People always appreciate DEET wipes and sunscreen packets.


Worst thing I ever saw in a cache: Someone had left a cigarette. Sheesh.


Generally it isn't about the swag and I don't really care too much what I find, though it is fun to find something creative. Good toys can make it fun for the kids on their first caching adventure!

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Sounds like I leave many of the same things as others. I try and leave things that will be helpful while out on the trail, or while geocaching. Each of the following items I have needed at one time, but not had: first aid kit, poncho, hand sanitizer, tissues, compass, and pen. So those are among the items I leave. I usually go a step further. I have a nifty vacuum sealer at home, so I usually seal up my items so that they are fresh, clean, and dry for whoever wants them. Almost all of the items above (except maybe the compass) can be found for around a dollar or less. I also like to leave new packs of cards, or other little games, toys, or stuffed animals--all sealed--for kids to enjoy. I always have more fun putting good stuff in then getting good stuff out. Get creative when thinking of swag! :laughing:

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