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Legend Opinions

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I have a Legend, and really like it; great features, easy to use, good price, and I personally don't mind a b/w screen. The one drawback I have noticed, is the satellite reception is poor when under tree cover. I have heard/read (from reading this forum), the Legend C is better for this, and then of course there are the high end GPSMap60Cx and GPSMap76Cx with the Sirf chipset, that do even better.

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I think the potential drawback with the Legend is the limited 8 megs of memory. If you are running City Select and live in a populated area you aren't going to get very much map coverage. Mapsource Topo does give much wider coverage in most areas though, so if you want mapping on your Legend, go with Topo.

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I am looking at picking up a GPS unit this summer and after some light research this definetley seems to be the best bang for the buck. It has a slew of features and includes Mapping which is a must. I wanted to you what previous or current users of this product think of it.


I really like my Legend, learned how to use it very fast and it works very well for GeoCaching. The past few days, I have been reseaching prices of the Legend e Trex CX and happend to find a Site that is selling Brand New Legends for $119. For More Info, check out





PS... The Cheapest I found for Legend CX was $239 (which includes a $10 off Instant Savings Deal) plus 3 day shipping for $4.99 at


Mine should arrive tomorrow :laughing:

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I received a Legend last year for Father's Day (great kids!) and I really like it. My gripes are minor: I don't like the click stick, especially when the unit's on the handlebars of my bike; sometimes it's hard to read the B&W screen (distinguishing track logs from shaded areas); sometimes loses lock in tree cover.


Of these gripes, the lock-losing in tree cover is the most applicable to geocaching, and I solved it by carrying a compass. Usually there's a clear patch near a cache: wait for the unit to settle down, take a bearing with the compass and pace to the cache vicinity, Orienteering-style.


I would recommend the Legend as a first foray into GPS.

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