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Suggestions For Magnets

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I bought some magnets the other day at Walmart for a magneting cache. It turns out they won't hold a micro very well. I need some suggestion on where to get a good magnet that will hold an Altoids can or a film canister. The only one I could think of are hard drive magnets but I don't have any spare HDs laying around. Any suggestions?

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Not sure about your area, but around here the gun shows typically have folks selling hard drive magnets and other high-strength magnets in various shapes.


Yup, hard drives are the BEST place to get super strong magnets. Being a computer geek I have a lot of old drives I rip apart just for the magnets. Way stronger than any ceramic ones. you can get them on ebay too, but they're pretty expensive. Ask your local computer geek, chances are you'll be able to get a bunch of old drives for just about nothing.

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Neodymium rare earth magnets


amazing magnets sells them.


We bought a few neodymium magnets at Michaels. The packaging calls them "neo-buttons". We found them in 1/2" and 3/8" sizes.


Yep, most craft type stores have them; Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Also found them at Ace Hardware. Go online if you don't have any of those.

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I haven't ever used one for a cache yet, but speaker mags are pretty good. I use to use them to hold all kinds of things together and to stuff...Also have you ever used a fishtank clener? THose little mags are amazing, but I don't think it'd really work very well, unless you can use both....

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