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Another Year ... Another Round Up!

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It's that time of year again folks, time to show where the densest areas for caching are in the UK!


For the last couple of years we've asked how many caches there are within a 25 mile radius of your home co-ords/postcode. Just enter your co-ords/postcode, set it to 25 miles and tell us the number you get back and, if you want, where you are in the country (don't worry if it includes temporarily disabled caches - on the basis that they will return soon! or if it includes caches you've set)


2003 - 130 approx (... we had a chat and think this is about right :laughing: )

2004 - 270

2005 - 518

2006 - 865


all from our South Bedfordshire location ... seems caching has taken off in a big way judging by the rate of expansion. For what it's worth, our local not-found PQ has had to be reduced to 20 miles because 25 miles now shows more than the allowed 500 caches!! :unsure:


So what about the rest of you? Is there anyone with more than 1000 within 25 miles yet.

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Just 205 from Cardiff CF5-2JN. We have the Bristol Channel to the south which restricts placing caches a little.


Just 81 left not found within 25 miles of which only 28 are in Wales.


When I first started I had to travel 12 miles to my nearest cache. Now there are 56 available within 12 miles.


Dave - The Gecko's

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403 from my new postcode in Wirral

439 from my old postcode in Cheshire


Wirral has the added dimention that it's surrounded on three sides by rivers...


So - I've now virtually cleared Wirral, my nearest cache (3 miles away) is over the water in Liverpool, and would probably take about 40 mins to get there!!


Additionally - going in the other direction, my nearest is in Wales, some 9 miles away, but would take about 40 mins to get to!

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