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Evil Caches


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Well, several of the caches we've placed are based upon the haunted areas where we put 'em.


Two Fisted Tales of Terror



The Ghost of Split Rock



The Phlegethon of Unrelatable Nightmares



Frankenstein's Castle



Of these 4, I'd say "Ghost of Split Rock" is the one that's probably in what you might call an "evil" or "malevolent" spirit-type area. Just about every other log for this cache mentions weird things happening to the cachers or their equipment, their GPS, their cameras, people report (and photograph!) strange mists coming out of nowhere, that kind of thing. I grew up near this place and, well, unless you're with a large group of people you shouldn't let yourself get caught up there after sunset. Split Rock is the type of place where you'll see glowing red eyes coming at you in the dead-of-night, and my wife (TinyMoon) will testify to that

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