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Biggest Ever Cache ?

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A 40 foot container (empty) fell off a truck and has come into my posession. I guess it would make a good big cache container. Would it be the biggest ever?


Any chance of some swag falling off a truck and coming into your posession to fill it with?

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A compendium of replies.


1. I won it in a card game, it was confiscated by Customs.


2. I am the wife


3. How many McToys ?..easy calculation for someone.


4. You can't compare a cabin with it as a cabin is not easily transported, I could hide a cache in an aircraft hangar.

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Let's see. A 40' standard container has 2100 cubic feet of space (allowing 89" x 89" for the door opening, and about 460" of length.) (We actually did load 2100 cf into one once, but the average container we truck to the pier has about 1000 cf loaded into it.) Guessing the average McToy to be about 4" x 4" x 2", you could load 115000 McToys into it.

Of more concern is what you will do with it, when you decide to archive it. And the difficulty of opening the doors to get to the log book. I'd have to give it a 3.5 for difficulty, just to open the doors.

I do recall seeing a 20' container used as a garage...

Unless it was a shipper-owned container, I'd hate to think of the demurrage charges that are accruing!

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We have a ... Slightly Smaller ... "large" cache here where the title of the cache is the combination to the lock.


It'd be fun to make it the 10th and final stage of a multi. Each a little bigger. Nano, Bison, 35mm film canister, Cigar tube, lock-and-lock small, medium, large, 50cal ammo can, rocket launcher can, 55gal drum, then that thing... Just put a tiny little log dead-center of the floor...


I have two 40'ers as storage containers for my old mainframe stuff. It's hard to imagine just how much space is inside those things.


Still curious how you got it home, and how you're going to place it. I tried to drag mine with a 1Ton duallie and could scarcely budge it - empty.

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