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Crappy Cache

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I want to place a "crappy" cache in my area, since there are none. (pun intended) I was wondering about anyone else who has placed one, what was the mareial it was made out of. Plastic, rubber, which lasts better in an enviornment with all seasons, and the best that critters wont chew on. I'm on the east coast in NJ.

What were the logs for your poop cache? (sorry, did it again) LOL

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You can always go to the Spencer gifts or other such joke store and buy the premade fake poo, its a rubbery plastic stuff that would likely get gnawed on.


I've thought of making one to resemble a cow patty using the expandable sprayfoam. Container would be inside and covered by the foam, then spraypainted and add natural material. Still likely to be pestered with by the rodents but cheap enough to make or remake.

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After this cache was archived:


It rolled Downhill (spoiler pic on the page)


I picked it up and relaunched it after a little touch-up painting (New cache). It's made of plaster with a small gladware bowl inserted in the bottom.


Other than the painting and some epoxy to reattach the top of the "swirl", it's held up quite well in the ravages of the Texas outdoors.


Most of the logs are entertaining and folks seem to enjoy it.


I also notice that the former owner has launched a similar cache in his new hometown: It keeps on rollin'

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