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Geocaching In London

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I'll be in London just for Friday, April 28. I hoping to bring a TB or two with me, if I can get to a cache before then. Does anyone have any recommendations for traditional caches in London that would be appropriate for someone not terribly familiar with the city, but happy to walk? I'd like to bring a TB or two back with me too. I tried looking for caches in London, but the search engine would only give me the whole of the UK. I need help narrowing it down. I'll also be in Farningham, Kent for a couple of days and would be happy to look up a cache or two in the neighborhood. Thanks!

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Cara's College cache and London Letterbox & TB exchange are two that we found to be big enough for TBs. They are very close to each other, too. We walked there from Paddington Station, and passed many other caches on the way, including the micro Criss Cross Bridge and the virtual Sherlock 6. I'm very unfit, but even I could walk this distance easily! I love caching in London - so many to choose from!


I located the London caches by using the postcode of Paddington Station - W2 1HA. The caches I have mentioned above are to the north / north-east of here, I believe.


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