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Hey What You Are Doing?

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Was out in the vicinity of one of my caches (The Doggy Bag 2), walking my dogs when I notice a guy staring at his GPS walking down the road. He gets parallel to my cache along the road (~5m away), waiting for the area to clear up a bit (It's a busy park and I fully expect the cache to be muggled, but its only full of plastic bags, so I really don't care, but some people will insist on being 'stealthy'.) Figured I'd introduce myself as I hadn't met him before, but first I'd have a little fun with him.


(From the way he was staring at his unit, I figured it was his first time out). So I walk up to him and go "pssst....It's over there" and point to the tree my cache is hidden behind.


The guy looks at me like I'm a lunatic or something, so I go "The cache... it's over there".


He's still not making a connection, I figure he's just being covert and I caught him off guard.


"Its hidden behind the tree there"


the guy gives me a "huh?"


And it starts to dawn on me.


"You're geocaching right?"


"ummmm what's that."


"well you use your GPS to find caches that people have hidden"


"ummm no, I just got this thing, and I'm trying it out."


(mentally smacks hand on forehead).


"Oh. I figured you must be out caching from the way you were looking at your GPS, as there is a cache hidden just over there behind that tree, and I figured you were looking for it"


I showed him the cache, and off he went. Have no idea what he thought of the game. I haven't seen him in any log books though...

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Haha, fantastic.


I came really close to assuming someone was caching the other day, too. It was the second part of a multi-stage cache in which you have to look at a memorial wall for certain dates to build the final stage coordinates.


There were a LOT of names to look up, and as I got to the wall, there was an older gentlemen there with a bunch of papers, and he was looking all over the wall, and occassionally writing something down. Of course, I assumed he was caching too.


Luckily I was too shy to say anything to him, and then eventually he mentioned to me that he was collecting the locations of the names to make a directoy.


Whew! Glad I didn't embarass myself. I do that enough anyways. :laughing:

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A few weeks ago I was walking in the woods on my lunch hour, when I came across a guy just standing at the side of the trail, doing nothing. I was pretty sure there was a cache in the vicinity, but I hadn't had a chance to get it yet because my husband doesn't come in to the city very often, and we cache as a team. I assumed this fellow was caching, and was waiting for me to get lost so he could continue the hunt, but I resisted the urge to say anything to him. Good thing, because when I got back to my office and checked for nearby caches, there were no caches at all within half a mile of where he was. Now I don't go walking in the woods alone at lunch, because not everyone in the forest is hunting for treasure.

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A few weeks ago, I had someone that almost knew what I was doing. I'd biked up on the trail to the finale of a puzzle cache. locked my bike to a tree, and had made a beeline for the cache. Pulled it out, checked the swag and started to sign the log.


Suddenly, someone from the trail startles me.


"Are you one of those geo..."


OK. Time to fess up.






"Uh no. I'm .... writing poetry. This is one of the places where my creative .... aura.... is strong"


Since this was a weekday, and I'm a temp that was between jobs at the time, he bought it, although I really didn't come off as the poetry aura type.

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