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Restarting A Palm Z22

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Try a reset. Use the Stylus to push the small button on the back. If all else fails try a hard reset: Hold power button and press the reset button. A hard rest will erase your files. For more information see page 282 in the user manual. The user manual is available on line (www.palmone.com/support) if you don't have one.

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Check on the back side of the unit for a small hole marked "reset". Use a paperclip to push the botton that is located behind hole. this will perform a soft reset. And I beleive if you push and hold the power button while pushing the reset button you will perform a Hard reset. ****** WARNING THIS WILL ERASE ALL DATA FROM THE UNIT ***** If you do a hard reset you will end up with a unit taht has everything it comes with when it is new. If any of this does not work you should be able to find a manual on the Palmone web site. I for info for my much older Pilot 1000 (before they were bought by U.S. Robotics, then Palm.)

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