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The Great Reward Coin


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This is my first geocoin to make and design. The basis of the coin is to pass on some good advice, but embraces the realm of night caching. No matter how scary the path looks just remember that there is a great reward just on the other side.


These coins will be for sale on 4/20/06. They will be shipping in May. Trades will be considered.


Metal: Black Nickel








QTY: 500-only 400 will be released to sell at first and the rest will be held for trades and to sell at Geowoodstock 4


PRICE: 8.50 per coin



US shipping & handling fees

$1.50 for first coin – Regular Mail w/ bubble mailer

$.50 for each additional coin – Regular Mail w/ bubble mailer

$4.25 Priority Mail - Flat-rate Envelope (Small)


International shipping & handling fees



$2.00 for first coin - Airmail Letter Post

$.75 for each additional coin - Airmail Letter Post

$4.50 Global Priority Mail - Flat-rate Envelope (Small)



All Other Countries

$2.50 for first coin - Airmail Letter Post

$1.00 for each additional coin - Airmail Letter Post

$6.00 Global Priority Mail - Flat-rate Envelope (Small)


If you would like to purchase one or more of these coins (there's no limit) please send the following information through my profile page contact link.


Caching name:

Real name:

Number of coins purchasing:

Shipping address:

Method of payment (paypal, money order, personal check):

If paypal, paypal ID:



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There has been questions up about the colors in the coin what will be glow in the dark. Here is the die art with the specified colors:




I know that the picture proof of the coin doesn't do it much justice, this is going to be a sweet looking coin when they arrive.


Thanks so much for the geocachers that have either purchased or set up a trade with me. I really enjoy collecting geocoins to add to my coin collection. Its a nice edition. I still have a few coins left if anyone is interested. Thanks! <_<

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Here is an update for you guys. The coins have been shipped, and I will have in hand in a few days. And will ship shortly after. You will have them in time for Geowoodstock. (which I am attending). I will be available for local DFW pick-up only if you choose to save on shipping.


There are a few coins still left if anyone is interested. There is free shipping when you purchase 10+ coins.

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The coins are here! The coins are here! They finally arrived and they look great! I am in the process of moving this weekened so I will do my best to get these out to you as quickly as possible. I will be attending geowoodstock and coins will be comming with me as well. Thank you to everyone whos purchased and traded for my coin. This has been so much fun! ;)

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Looking to trade for 2 of these.


I have just been buying to many coin and need to shift o trading for them.


For trade we have the following personal geocoins.


Team Sand Dollar in Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

Buffalo Wings V1 in Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

Buffalo Wings V2 (Florida Trail) (Trackable with icon) in:

Bronze or antique Silver

Soon in Black Nickel with an all White buffalo

Soon in Copper with an all black buffalo


Team Sand Dollar

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There were three shipments made, and the last one is going to be dropped at the post office today. I spent all nite at the machine so I can get them all in the mail today, including all international orders as well. Sorry for getting the coins out so late. They didn't arrive unitl the week of GW4, which I attended and with me moving and a few other problems kept me from getting the coins out quicker. But everyone who has purchased coin should be receiving them this week. Thanks for all who purchased. There are a few left if anyone is interested in still purchasing some. Thanks!

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I want to apologize for some of the international orders not getting shipped, I found out they were hiding in another stack of packages waiting to go out. So what is left of the international orders wich is the UK and Nerthlands is getting mailed out today. Sorry for the mix up.


Don't miss your chance in purchasing one of these coins just a few left!

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now it's three weeks ago that i've payed and there is neither a answer to my last posting nor a delivery of my coins.


if nothing happens within this week, i'm forced to report a conflict to paypal, so i could get my money back.


it's a pity because i really wanted to get these nice coins ;)

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and i paid nearly 2 months ago and it was supposely shipped 20 days ago.... it never takes this long I am treating it as a not sent if no reply this pm and contacting paypal.

... annoyingly it takes so long. today my coins arrived after they where brought to post office on 09/02/06. no plane needs 17 days to cross the atlantic ocean.


@Dumb Luck: unfortunattelly i ordered paypal to get my money back. i sent you a mail regarding this problem.

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