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The_Proffens Personal Geocoin Now On Sale

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Hello everyone,


Some of you may have already heard the buzz one way or another but the time is finally here! Our coins have been in full production since the first week of April and the plan is for them to go on sale at the Geocoin Store on the 25th of April at 9:30 PM EST!


They are not up on the storefront yet but will be shortly, and at that time a non-commercial (GC approved)link will be posted in this thread :laughing:


Until then I have created a webpage for information about the coins and I will keep it updated as I find out more information:


The_Proffens Geocoin Info Page


Below is also an image of both sides of the proof coin:




-Carl of The_Proffens :anibad:

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Hope you'll still trade with me :huh:


I knew I forgot about something :laughing:


We will be doing trades but right now we are just keeping a list of people who are interested in trades, and not making any trades as of yet. Once we know the coins are on the way to us we will be going "crazy" with trades! We are also in the process of moving within the month and don't have a good forwarding address for us yet. We don't want any coins getting lost in the mail. Our move will not effect my ability to take mailers to the post office or delay it at all :anibad: Not having coins in hand is a bit of a problem though.

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Another awesome Maryland cachers coin. I am proud to say i have the first Proffens wooden nickel placed in a cache. Hope I can be the first for the coin. Nice job and I hope we can trade for something since I think you have both of mine already.


Maryland cachers Rock!!!!


Congrats on picking the Nickel up during CAM! (They are still a working in progress) mine sits right in my binder next to the "World's only GeoFoam"!


I am sure we can work out a trade :blink: or maybe you will be lucky enough to pick up the first unactivated geocoin placed in a cache too :o

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Just Recieved an update from the guys at the Geocoin Store, the coins are in and will begin shipping soon!!!!!


Thanks to those people that have already bought our coin, we hope you like it! :o


They are of course still on sale at the "store" in case you have missed it before :unsure:

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Well Folks,


A bunch of you already know because you have gotten them in the mail in the past few days, but The_Proffens coins are shipping!!!!


There are still some on sale at the store, so it is not too late to pick one up.


We will begin trading very soon as well :o Almost done with our move to Norfolk, VA (plus the movers packed up all our mailers to send the coins out in so I need to hit the store and get more! :sad: )


More to follow of course but any questions just shoot......

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