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1 Gig Transflash Card $32 After Rebate

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Here's omething I found on slickdeals...I paid 67 a few weeks ago...

Good luck



Rats! I bought mine from them just last week; no rebate offered. Oh well. By the way, the 1GB card works great in my 60Cx. Just had to format it first (FAT32) in Windows XP and create an empty folder named "Garmin" (without the quotes). Downloading 880MB of maps, etc. took about an hour however.

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Be aware... SanDisk announced a 2GB MicroSD last year, and chances are they're offering a rebate because they plan to start selling the 2GB shortly. In other words it may be worth waiting, as prices will drop on the 1GB anyway once the 2GB hits shelves.

I think I remember seeing that announcement (you can even find it using Google). They announced a 2GB miniSD and a 1GB microSD (the ones we are currently buying. I did a double take too.


If it turns out I'm wrong (happens a lot - ask my wife), please post a link to the new article.

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First return from Google was this story.


"Makers of variety of flash memory formats SanDisk have revealed that they are now planning to launch a 2GB variant of the microSD storage disks."


Since it says that the 1GB chip would be available by the end of the year and the 2GB by "sometime next year" I would think the 2GB would be out nearer to 3rd or 4th Quarter of this year since the 1GB just came out last month. The article came out July 2005.

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