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500 Waypoint Storage Enough?

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I currently have a eTrex Legend that I carry about 950 caches on it at any given time. I'm looking to upgrade to a Legend Cx, but am less than impressed with it's 500 waypoint storage capacity. Is there a way to have multiple 500 waypoints 'books' loaded on a MicroSD card? It wouldn't be so bad if I had to load an unload waypoints from a mSD card. If that were the case I could have >1000 points available without connecting to a PC.


Have you gotten around this? Do you carry more than a 500 cache points with you?

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You can add "Custom POIs" to the card. There is no limit other than card memory capacity. They work differently than Waypoints though.

How do custom POIs work? how are they different from Waypoints?


Could I have a 'Ammo' POI, 'Micro' POI, 'Muli' POI, etc?

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Do a search. There is a good description in a thread.


I have not used it myself as I don't have one of these new fangled units. As understand it.


Pros: Basically, yes, they can be stored as different headings and types. They allow for more main and note text than waypoints. You can route to them as you can with waypoints.


Cons: They don't display like Waypoints. Waypoints can display at any zoom level. These only display at lower zoom levels. I do not believe you can modify them (text or coordinates) like you can with waypoints. Also the Goecache mode wouldn't work with them.

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