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Username Lockdown On May 15 (now 22)

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We're working on customizing an application for use with Geocaching.com that will require us to lock down the ability to change your username. As a result on May 15th we will be locking down the username change feature on the web site.


The technical issue relates to a fundimental part of their application that stores usernames in the database outside of the account data. This means that if we did make username changes in our account database it would require a tremendous effort to automatically update the other system with the username change.


Generally sites don't allow name changes like we've been allowing over the last 5 years, so we're moving towards the generally accepted standard for most web sites. It's an unfortunate change but necessary considering the importance of the new features.


For those who just can't live without changing their usernames we'll do our best to come up with some tools to move your information over to a new username. You can already do adoptions to your new account but there is no current way to move other information like bookmark lists, premium memberships, or log entries.

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There was some confusion over what is locked. The username (the name you use to log into the forums and geocaching.com) will be locked on May 15. If you use the optional text on your cache page to indicate all the people who placed the cache you will still be able to do this.

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