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The Cache You Shouldn't Place?

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Has anyone ever wanted to place a cache somewhere where you know you really shouldn't?? There is a place here in cache starved Southern Cape, it's a tricky place to get to, but it's gaurenteed to be muggle-free and quite spectacular. The National Parks Board don't want anyonne there but there's no fence and or signage to stop anyone.. Oh, I'm soo tempted!

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My opinion is that you do not want to alienate the authorities. Uninformed officialdom may well look on Geocaching as an evil, simply because it is not understood or recognised for the potential it has to get people to visit great places. The knock-on effect of this is tourism spend. Just look at the trips our local GC community do to get to caches.


On the other hand, I have often told a fib to get to, or place a cache on semi-restricted areas or where a entrance fee is payable. If there is no sign and no fence, then how do you know that people are not allowed to be there?


I think individual cachers should apply common sense in the matter. You obviously do not want to place a cache in an area that is restricted because of security, safety, ecological sensitivity reasons and the like.

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But how do you justify those sneaky caches that are hidden in spots that you wouldn't really think a cache is possible? I am thinking of micros, but also some people take the challenge hiding regular caches in very challenging, public, restricted areas.


I say place it if it doesn't affect the area negatively and you are in some small way contributing to the knowledge about the area. Perhaps place it in a more public area near the entrance and leave it up to the cacher to venture further in for a second cache!? :laughing:

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Okay, the not-so-enthusiastic member of our team has come up with the perfect solution... How to get there without acctually upsetting the ecology!! He suggested sinking it!! But you're still gonna need a boat. <_<


So when we return from CITO look out for the Camel cache!! (Was going to call it the Camels Back)..

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Okay, so I ask Parks Board. Maybe if I make a "Members only" cache I could get them to agree. People to go to this place but it is ecologically sensitive and as I said it is tricky. Anybody got a boat?




Then I say cache placement is a no-no. We certainly do not want to contribute to people going into areas where they shouldn't. I'd say leave it alone, or place in an area which is publicly accessible.

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Mmmm there was a cache in KZN which was in a ecologically sensitive area with some tree cover. Result, people were tramping all over the place to find the cache and destroying a sensitive dune area. Sure this wasn’t only cachers, but they were certainly contributing to the problem. If a cache is to be placed in such an area, the cache must be very easy to locate and instructions must be precise and clear to ensure that cachers can find it without much hassle. It should also be placed in a manner that will not harm the area in any way.


Echoing vespaxvespa, I would still say that while it may be a spot that you want to share with cachers, rather place it away from the sensitive area and provide coordinates for the uber spot, and then those cachers that are really interested and not just caching for the sake of numbers can then visit the area.

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I am in agreement, if the cache is placed in a sensitive area then that needs to be mentioned on the cache page with precise instructions on how to reach the cache and exactly what route to take.


Whilst we want to explore many beautiful places, we want to do so without impacting on the ecology.


Place the cache if you feel that it's right. Otherwise, don't.



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I volunteer for a certain boating organisation - and would be happy to place the cache where i am allowed to! Also have a few friends are with the parks board, so can try get permission from them




Thanks for the offer. Can I PM you with the details and see how you feel? I still think it would be a great place.

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