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What Do I Do With This Tb


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Hey, my family has just got into geocaching and we love it. We got our first TB on Easter (my birthday too), I logged our find on that night and the tag on the TB says it's mission is to go to AC but then someone logged that it completed that mission in 2004, it is now 2006 and I wanted to make sure we sent the TB on it's proper path, I tried e-mailing the owner with the e-mail address they provided and also by sending a note through the website but they keep getting kicked back.


Please help, we just want to do the right thing, how does this kind of situation get handled.


Here is a link to the TB we found. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...8c-f5823958cd26

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Looks like it wants to head to Syracuse, but that is just from reading the note posted by another cacher. The owners profile says he just moved to Michigan, so he could still be really busy, although his account hasn't been signed into since February. I go with just drop it in a cache. Upon further reading and scouting he hasn't found a cache since March of 2004. The bug is probably just floating around owned by a retired cacher.

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Henki, I will try to remember to do that tomorrow. We got a picture with the kids holding it and the cache, the cache was located at the top of a hill, in the background you can see the hangers for the Lakehurst Naval Air Station, that is where the Hindenburg disaster happened. It was a beautiful view.

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