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Looking For More Info On Nude Cache Across Maryland 2006

Vinny & Sue Team
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I have been hearing for several days now about Nude Cache Across Maryland 2006 (aka Nude CAM 2006), which apparently involves 5 caches hidden across the state of Maryland, and which will reportedly culminate in the same event (only for finders of all 5 caches) in early May being held for the regular Cache Across Maryland 2006 (aka CAM 2006). All I know for sure is that I have heard that Maryland Geocaching Society (www.mdgps.org) is reportedly flying the famed Nudecacher in from Nevada to hunt for the caches and that he will be the guest of honor at the CAM 2006 event. I guess I am wondering if and when any more details are gonna be released, and, if someone can clarify, are we required to drive nude while traveling to each of the caches? That sounds a bit risky!


Thanks for any details you can offer!



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The RED kool-aid... the RED kool-aid.


I think you drank the green one. :P


:)B) Well, there was no Kool-Aid, as far as I know... However, I was visiting the White Rabbit in her house the other day, and she gave me some cookies, and she gave me something to drink from an unlabeled bottle. Ever since then I have been hearing voices in my head that tell me things. Of course, I know the voices are imaginary, but the things they tell me are very very much interesting! And they told me about the Nude CAM 2006 event, and how the event is gonna be held on the front lawn of the White House on May 6, in Washington, DC. :)B)B):)

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