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Garmin 60csx For Sale, New Never Opened

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Due to an order mix up on my part (canceled an order from one vender and ordered from another before I got confirmation that the first order had been canceled) I now have two new Garmin 60CSx units. I'm keeping one and will sell the other (still unopened). Cost is $429 shipping included to anywhere in the US.


As an added bonus I'll make the buyer a custom 24k topo map of any area in the US (up to 20 USGS quads).


For details on the 60CSx see:



I'm new here, but well known at http://forum.brighthand.com/forumdisplay.php?f=53 and run the site:



I will ship outside the US for $429 + additional shipping cost.



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If you are in need of a laptop, I would be willing to trade. I am trying to sell it in order to buy that exact GPSr.


Toshiba Satellite Laptop


13" LCD Screen

1.5GHz Intel Processor


18GB Hard Drive



Comes with WindowsXP, system startup disks and AC Adapter/Charger


If you throw in a navigation kit, I'll also include the black leather professional laptop carrier (huge, has room for external drives and everything) that I paid $120 for and is in great condition.

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