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Tb "dipping" - What's The Point?


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Just in the past week I've seen a number of hits on my caches with people saying they are "Dipping their travel bug" to get the mileage up. What the heck is this all about?


As far as I can deduce, they are symbolically putting the TB into the cache and removing it right away, and want to log this so that their TB gets more mileage. So why don't they jus sit back and log entries on dozens of cache's to get their find count up? Seems equivalent to me.


C'mon folks - am I the only one who sees this as a defeating the intent of the whole TB system. We can all cheat at this game if we want. There's no prize for getting the most of anything (that I know about -Maybe I'd better check the website in more detail!)


Is this dipping activity widespread, or has it just been invented by some folks around my area?


-R of the R&K

I have a few personal trackables that I dip in caches the we seek. Usually I just dip our "Found it" or "DNF" Geocoins, but I also have Geoevent coins and others that we dip. I collect geocoins, most never make it far in the Wild. :D

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